I am really excited to start the St. Cloud area Breakfast Leadership Series for the 12th year!

12 years ago,  I was thinking about my most effective clients and discovered that a key differentiator for those organizations was the presence of a strong, effective inside leader in a support role. The person you rely on when you cannot or do not have the personal resources to attend to business on your own.  You trust and rely upon them to manage their part of the organization as if it were their own.  

The Breakfast Leadership Series was designed to:

1) Offer exceptional training to emerging leaders

2) Offer training  in smaller portions to reduce time away from the job. (One session per month; 8:00 to 9:30 AM)

3) Build a cohort of similar leaders that can use each other as professional & personal resources

4) Offer the benefit of an outside perspective re: helping these emerging leaders be even more effective.Prior participants have ranged from first-time supervisors to CFOs & VPs. Participants have come from construction, sales, financial/insurance, medical, nonprofit, manufacturing, marketing, education, & development.

For more information, please contact me: 

[email protected] or (320) 260-2612