Succession Planning

Succession Planning

More Effective Talent Development, Career Mapping, and Succession Planning

Most organizations pay little, if any, attention to succession planning. Participants in this session will be guided through easy-to- use, consistent set of steps that reduces time needed, allows for more reliable diagnosis of current employees’ skills and possible future in the organization, allows for more accurate selection of succession candidates, and promotes a better environment that will cause future leaders to become engaged in the process. Handouts of all sample protocol and worksheets will be handed out to participants.

Session participants will receive information about, and be led through these exercises:

  1. Identify necessary preparation for the process:
    1. Evaluation and ranking of current employees for career mapping
    2. Using a “Business Roadmap” to guide the process
  2. Develop effective succession plans and talent development plans for selected employees
  3. Develop and implement the process with selected employees
  4. Consider how to assemble like-minded employees into a cohort model
  5. Evaluate progress of employees, as well as the succession program
  6. Learn how to design succession searches and locate outside candidates
  7. Discover how to create a succession plan more effectively for family members (if involved)

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