Natalie Feldhake joins the Big River Group team as Research Associate Intern. Natalie earned her Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts from Ridgewater Community College in 2016. She is a recent graduate from Minnesota State University where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in December of 2018. While at MSUM, Natalie’s undergraduate research focused.. read more →

I am really excited to start the St. Cloud area Breakfast Leadership Series for the 12th year! 12 years ago,  I was thinking about my most effective clients and discovered that a key differentiator for those organizations was the presence of a strong, effective inside leader in a support role. The person you rely on when you cannot.. read more →

Over the last decade, mindfulness initiatives have demonstrated progressive influence on employee health, productivity and organizational effectiveness. The American Psychological Association reports these practices can: • Reduce stress • Improve cognitive flexibility • Enhance memory and focus. Successful leaders need to evidence a high degree of self-awareness and stress tolerance. We want our leaders to be able to.. read more →

An effective leader is able to provide details of the what, where, when and whys involved for any current or future change. In some instances, even providing the how is necessary. One way to do this is to adopt a situational leadership approach. The principle of this theory is that the most effective leaders have.. read more →

Most leaders are not entirely comfortable managing conflict, however conflict in the workplace is a very real factor that can cause individual employees to reduce engagement or decrease their self-motivation. Effective leaders understand the importance that conflict management has on the organization, and they take appropriate steps to acquire the knowledge and develop the skills.. read more →