Breakfast Leadership Series

Join us for our Breakfast Leadership Series
(from the comfort of your own home/office)

October 2021-June 2022 (Our 14th Year!)

Big River Group is excited to be offering our Breakfast Leadership series!  Starting in October, we will offer this series for newer leads, supervisors and managers. Learn more about the programs here:

Effective Organizations, Leadership & Followership

Over the past 37 years, I have had the privilege to assist organizations throughout the United States and Canada in the areas of better strategic planning (aka “Chainsaw Planning”©), more effective hiring & evaluation techniques, managing conflict & difficult employees, and leadership & followership training.

An Important Observation

At one point, I was thinking about my most effective clients and discovered that a key differentiator for those organizations was the presence of a strong, effective inside leader in a support role. The person you rely on when you cannot or do not have the personal resources to attend to business on your own. You trust and rely upon them to manage their part of the organization as if it were their own. These are the people that can:

  • Think like the boss or the owner

  • Model effective, healthy followership

  • Understand, promote & help deliver the organizational vision

  • Manage outcomes identified as essential within the strategic plan

  • Help employees to persist, succeed, & thrive

  • Learn new skills

  • Deal with role ambiguity

Series History

Prior participants have ranged from first-time supervisors to CFOs & VPs. Participants have come from service, construction, sales, financial/insurance, medical, insurance, nonprofit, manufacturing, marketing, education, & development.

Series Design

This series was designed to:

  1. Offer exceptional training to key inside leaders

  2. Offer training & development in smaller portions to reduce time away from the job. (One session per month)

  3. Build a cohort of similar leaders that can use each other as professional & personal resources

  4. Offer #1s the benefit of an outside perspective re: helping their #2 be even more effective

Series ROI

The Leadership Series will:

  1. Allow participants to select a problem or issue inside their organization & solve that problem.

  2. Deliver specific instruction & guidance to participants re:

    1. Better leadership & management: Up & down the org chart

    2. Execution (the art of getting many things accomplished)

    3. Influence (getting people to do what they are supposed to do, faster)

    4. Manage & reduce conflict, & work more effectively in difficult situations

    5. Improving personal presence, presentation & communication skills

Series Details

  1. Pre-session interview w/ each participant re: their needs

  2. Pre-session interview with each participant’s supervisor re: their perceptions of participant’s needs

  3. Nine monthly training sessions

  4. Each session will be held monthly on a consistent day

  5. Calls to all #1s to review progress of #2s & ideas for even higher productivity

  6. Books, subscriptions, research summaries, etc. personalized to the needs of each #2, as well as coaching sessions for #2 & #1 where needed.

Please call Bruce @ 320-260-2612 or e-mail [email protected] with questions or to register.