What We Do

For the last 30+ years, Big River Group has worked with more than 8,000 participants and 110+ organizations each year in the areas of:


  • Differentiated coaching
  • 360-degree feedback projects


  • Leadership training
  • Followership training
  • Sales management training


  • Strategic “Chainsaw” planning
  • Succession planning

H.R. Issues

  • Workplace climate issues
  • Reducing organizational conflict
  • Personnel selection and on-boarding
  • Hiring and firing
  • Resistant employees

Who We Work With

Big River Group has the skills and strengths to help organizations, businesses, nonprofits, and more. Our recent clients represent a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Medical practices, hospitals, and related organizations
  • Financial service organizations
  • Law firms
  • Businesses & manufacturers
  • City, county, and regional governments
  • School districts, colleges, and universities
  • Educational service cooperatives
  • Nonprofit agencies & service providers
  • Interagency family service & mental health collaboratives
  • Monks
  • Hockey teams

Who We Are

Bruce Miles PhotoEvery organization needs a little help from time to time. The team at Big River Group has had the privilege of working with businesses, non-profit organizations, governmental units, and school clients for more than 30 years.

Big River Group is owned and led by Dr. Bruce Miles, who was previously an Assistant Professor at St. Cloud State University and taught Graduate & Doctoral coursework in the areas of leadership, planning, finance, and personnel. He is a national-level presenter and trainer in the areas of strategic planning, organizational improvement, organizational conflict, & difficult employees.

Bruce surrounds himself with a strong team of consultants who are matched with clients based on needs and expertise. Together, the team at Big River Group works to support you and your organization.

What Our Clients Say


Bruce Miles from the Big River Group, LLC, put on a professional learning event, entitled “The Art of Coaching and Leadership”, exclusively for St. Croix River Education District (SCRED) employees who function in leadership, consultative and/or coaching roles, which encompassed the vast majority of our staff. It was an amazing day of learning! We recognized that without strong skills in these areas, we are unable to effectively serve and support our member districts. Even though the specific roles of the participants varied, this topic helped connect us all and the work we do toward our mission. We spent time learning about our own individual strengths, leadership styles and conflict resolution modes using short assessment tools, shared these with our internal teammates to improve team functioning, and learned coaching and leadership strategies to apply in our work. It was great to bring Bruce in to work with us as it is directly related to carrying out our strategic action plan he assisted us in developing prior to this workshop.


—Jamie Nord, Executive Director, St. Clroi River Education District


The school board in North Branch Area Public Schools has been pleased to work with Bruce Miles on school board development. Members of the school board found Bruce very knowledgeable in board communications, the role of board members and the relationship between the board and superintendent. Each session with Bruce is engaging and informative! Bruce provided the training the board needed.


—Deb Henton, Ed.D., Superintendent, North Branch Area Public Schools