Executive & Administrative Searches

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Big River Group supports leadership and administrative searches for school districts, non-profits and private businesses. Our approach is unique and personalized to the organization and position being sought.

Resumes & standard interviews are the most unreliable, yet most often-used sources of data regarding applicants. We use a more effective search system that brings new order and elements to searches by using tools and strategies from executive searches in private business. We have a clear and consistent set of steps that reduces search time, allows for more reliable ranking and selection of candidates, uses more accurate interviewing techniques, and promotes a better match between the employer’s needs and the eventual finalist.

We work with you to:

  • Identify necessary preparation for the process

  • Work effectively to assemble and prepare an interview team

  • Develop priorities, questions, rubrics and scoresheets

  • Effectively screening applicants to select interviewees

  • Develop and implement the interview process

  • Checking references

  • Support the selection and offering the position

We have run successful searches for:

  • Superintendents of school district

  • CEOs of and upper level positions within businesses and non-profit organizations

  • Upper level school district administrators

For more information how Big River Group can support you, please contact Bruce at (320)260-2612 or [email protected].