Big River Group offers several avenues of training, designed to meet the unique needs of each client. Listen to Bruce Miles explain how we work with our clients to develop a training just for them.


Find the training below that is right for you.

Keeping Everybody On Track & On Schedule
The My Job, Your Job Exercise© is a goal and accountability system that increases participants’ ability to achieve objectives and produce results.
Better School Board – Superintendent Relations and Evaluation
A traditional superintendent or school board evaluation is also known as an “autopsy evaluation” because it is typically completed well after it is needed. This training will deliver a system for more helpful and timely evaluations that can be customized to best meet individual school district needs.
Improved Employee Selection
Way more effective employee selection strategies. An improved system for an important decision.
Reducing Conflict
This topic is the most-requested training that we provide for Big River clients. The issues that cause organizational conflict never seem to abate.
The two jobs every leader needs is succession planning and vision.
Followership and Looking Out for #2
Followership is an essential element to being a highly effective and high performing organization, and the most effective organizations are those with the presence of a strong #2 person.
The Art of Execution
Why some leaders can make more happen, keep followers on task and get more out of those around them.
The Art of Influence
Getting people to do what you want them to do even when you don’t have all of the power.