Looking Out For Number 2

Looking Out for #2

Your #2 is Your #1 Priority!

Do you wish there was more time in the day? Do you wish problems would take care of themselves? Even though you’re the captain of the ship, you can’t always have a hand on the wheel. When you give an order you need someone who knows your ship and your crew. You need someone who can spring to action to carry out your orders. Having a great second in command is exactly what can take your business to the next level – or keep it wallowing in mediocrity.

Get Someone Else

Dr. Bruce Miles – business consultant, leadership coach, university professor and entrepreneur has had the opportunity to work with some of the Midwest’s best companies. In his 30 years of experience working with over 7,000 business leaders, he’s had the opportunity to study organizational effectiveness in-depth. He’s had the chance to compare apples to apples. When considering all of the companies he’s worked with, he’s noticed that one thing all his successful clients have in common is “The presence of a strong, effective Number 2 person.” After all of this, his best advice to business owners – is to get someone else! It actually makes sense when you consider the idea.

Number 2s are pretty common.

General managers, office administrators, VPs, COOs and foremen are all forms of having someone on site – besides yourself – to do what has to be done. If your business is any size at all, you already have to rely on others. There’s simply no way you can be a supervisor, CFO, salesperson, technician, money-juggles and janitor all at the same time.

What Bruce Said
Bruce’s experience says you need to get someone on whom you can rely to execute your vision. A true partner that understands where you want to go with the company, how you want to get there and what stops are along the way.

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With a strong Number 2, you’ll be more free to focus on the big picture while s/he focuses on the details to make it happen. “But What If…..?”

They can’t do as good a job as you?

At first that may be the case. You’ll have to help your Number 2 grow into the position. But if you’ve chosen the right person, they’ll find their role with your help. However, they’ll never do it the way you would have – they’re not you. But as long as they achieve what you needed them to, it doesn’t matter. Just because it’s not your way doesn’t mean it’s the wrong way.

…They want to take over?

Based on extensive meetings with Number 2s, Bruce writes, “Number 2’s do not want the owner’s job…. Although Number 2s recognize that ownership comes with its rewards, they are not interested in the risk. They don’t want to go home at night and worry about how they’re going to keep the doors open…”

… you put all that time into them and they leave.

They won’t. As the truism goes, “People don’t quit their job – they quit their boss.” According to the studies cited in Bruce’s book, only 18% of people leave because of money. The other factors are all directly linked to leadership. If you’re sincere and smart about how you develop your Number 2 person, the challenge of the job and the loyalty you inspire will keep them happy – right where they are.

So the Takeaway Message is …
Grow someone to run your business, then watch it take off!

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