Did you know that Big River Group tailors 360 Feedback Reviews to the needs of your organization? We recently worked with the Montevideo School District Leadership team. Questions for feedback were selected by participants with guidance from the direct reports.  360 evaluations were sent out electronically for input. Then, we provided summaries and one on one coaching at feedback conferences.

Here’s just one testimonial about how the results of the feedback and process moved their team to action:

Thanks for the conversation and your help with making us better at what we do.
Attached is a photo of the post card I mentioned, we are using this in two different ways:
1) Each teacher has a stamped, addressed postcard with their return address for each student they have in class.   They are to send home one post card per child per quarter with a positive comment about that child.
2) Blanks cards like the one show are for any staff to write on and give to another staff person, commenting on something they have appreciated about that other staff member

~ Bob Grey, Montevideo School District