It is inevitable that most of us enter the work week with an endless “to-do” list and unavoidable obligations. As if figuring out where to start is not challenging enough within itself, ensuring that you are approaching these tasks in the most productive way possible is something many struggle with. Chris O’Neill, CEO of Evernote, provides useful strategies for increasing productivity and staying on top of your game.

  1. Assigning “Themes” to Your Weekdays

Rather than creating one immense list of what needs to be done, dedicate different days of the week for different commitments. For example, Mondays are for meetings and providing employee feedback, while Tuesdays are for marketing and recruitment efforts.

  1. Create Lists the Night Before

Instead of waiting until you get to the office to write to-do list, assess the top three priorities that need to be completed the following day and list by importance. This way there is no ambiguity. Essential tasks have your utmost energy and attention first thing and the day will run much smoother knowing they are promptly taken care of.

  1. Don’t Have Meetings Just to Have Meetings

Chris implements a “no agenda, no attendance” policy. How many meetings have you attended where you left thinking, “why was I even there?” Whether the meeting host is yourself or another employee, an agenda should be provided beforehand, so everyone understands why their attendance is critical or why it is not.

Now, Chris is not the only successful leader who has tips for increasing productivity. Here are what other leaders of billion-dollar companies suggest:

  • Turn off your social media notifications and monitor your online time
  • Dedicate certain times of the day to check emails
  • Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals in addition to quarterly and annual
  • Tackle important tasks in the morning and schedule meetings for afternoons

Chris O’Neill on Leader Productivity  

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